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Expanding Business into other countries and cultures isn't easy.
Monika Stok is a specialist in the field of training executives for these challenges.

For you, it's very important to get a deal signed by midnight. For the “foreigner” , it might be more important to leave at 4 o’clock to be at his daughter’s birthday. For a Russian, to share some Vodka. No reason to be offended, it's just different values. They may actually be thrilled with your proposal, and ready to sign a contract. ...Tomorrow.

Different Values are the real DNA of a culture, not the language, food menu, or ways they greet you. In the future, I believe the Values we share will be more important than demographics or the passport we hold. ....For a peek at the future, have a look at how London has transformed itself in the past few years from being the hub of all things "British" to the Cultural Capital of the World.